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RM 1,098.00

Region China
Type Chinese Spirit
Volume 50cl
Alcohol 52%

Wu Liang Ye is a famous Chinese liquor brand that has a very long history. It is made in Yibin, Sichuan Province of five grains: sorghums, rice, glutinous rice, wheats and corns, hence the name, literally “five grains liquid”. Traditional skills and techniques, like fermenting and distilling, of more than 600 years are applied into production.

Wuliangye Liquor is of strong aroma, colorless and pure. It tastes mellow and refreshing. Its common volume is 52%. There are also lower volumes of 45% and 38%. It was awarded the Gold Medal of the Panama International Exposition in 1915, since when it has won more than 30 international first prizes. The main products of Wu Liang Ye today include the series of 52% vol, 45% vol, Old Liquor, Tequ, Touqu, Wuliangchun, and Baijiayan, etc.

Scientific Ratio of the Five Grains


A scientific ratio of five raw grains to make Wuliangye Liquor has been found after years’ brewing experience: sorghum is 36%, rice 22%, glutinous rice 18%, wheats 16% and corns 8%. This ratio is in line with the body's need for nutrients of grains.

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